Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Posts and Searches

I read from my LG tablet every day. Because I can increase the size of the Font (text) I can read comfortably; So I read about a book a month; which for me is pretty good, I would rather write but it is hard to write with this memory of mine. I wish I could organize thoughts but I just post it online and come back to it when I need it to fill gaps elsewhere. The easy way to get it back to the front is with a search engine. There is one here on this blog up on top (at left) and I have one on my Home Page below that searches or
Sometimes I have to search the hard drives to gather information or photos; it is always one of those, "I know I got it somewhere" moments.
I read when I am searching or surfing the Internet. Sometimes I go back to the text of Muse or Tomas Stories and rewrite some parts or place something remembered. I write like I view it from above; I have not mastered writing as in a screen play. I just post what is remembered; I cannot think like my friends I talk about (those writings make great books).

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