Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Back Surgery

Good Afternoon,
We just got back from Nashville, TN where mom got her back operated on for the 2nd time this year. We did get back yesterday. Our Daughter Kitten Yarn was with us during her operation Monday morning. Everyone in mind thinks it as a sucess and mom though she is sleeping at the moment is up and walking..
Technology has it's perks and one is the great progress in back surgeries.
I had back surgery in the 1990's; today back surgery is taken care of with the use of technology that was not used in the 1990's. I stayed in the hospital a week and lay in bed a month at home and had 6 weeks of physical therapy before going back to work.
Today (2015) they say, "Back Surgery, no problem; you go in have the surgery and go home the next day.”
My wife's back may look like the photo above today.

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