Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Morning Coffee

Good Morning,
We went to the dentist yesterday and they checked up mom; they took x-rays and spoke to her about what they are going to do.  They spent a lot of time with her discussing what they can do and what they cannot do.
I am tired from doing nothing but going to Paducah (I should be working at home). I have a mild hangover (I am pretty sure it is the coffee). I have been drinking my coffee the same way all my life. My grandmother in Pasadena always made me a cup of coffee with cream and sugar. I have changed the cream to a powdered cream and changed the sugar to honey to help my mouth and throat.
Last night I think is the last night with the eye patch.
We just got back from Paducah; I went to see the eye doctor and he said I was free to do what I wanted (do not scrub my eyes with my fists); We went to Pets-Mart to catch up on cat food and get the kitten a toy to play with. We also stopped at Home Depot to see what kind of outlet to use for our track bar in the ceiling of our kitchen. Plus I got some stuff to fill the gap in our bathroom and some eye protection for my eyes while mowing and weed eating.

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