Friday, July 3, 2015

Pool Tips and Pizza

Good Morning,
I had to go to town and get an extension cord and place on my pool pump because the old plug in needs replacing and I could not get an electrician to fix it in this short bit of time. This is the set up I started with but the old pump had an on/off switch on it and this one does not. The original set up had a timer on it, so I put the timer back on because it has an on/off switch on it.
I just came in just before starting this post and I am about ready to go back out and replace the worn out pool pump plug. Hopefully that will fix it temporarily until we get the normal wiring done. At the moment it is a "Back Yard Repair Job".
I just got out of the pool; I cleaned the bottom of the pool yesterday so today I moved the steps and cleaned under them. I am going to keep after that job (cleaning under the steps) so as to keep my algae bloom under control. I just about have to clean everyday this time of year.
Mom is fixing a pizza as I type.

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