Friday, July 10, 2015

Pool Spell Checker

Good Morning,
Mom was up when I got up at 0500. I think she is in the computer room. It is 68 degrees outside this morning; I feel good mentally and physically and I use the spell checker every morning because I constantly misspell physically. I do like computers for that reason. If I was writing on paper I would be thumbing through a dictionary constantly and if I was using a typewriter I would be wasting a lot of paper. This computer and Google correct my spelling as I go or underlines the misspelled words.
I wrote letters and printed them and sent them off in the mail for NARFE yesterday morning; after lunch I got into the pool and cleaned it. I have been battling a heavy dose of algae this past 7 days. It looked a lot better yesterday and I will hop in the pool today and clean it again. I have been flipping my cover every day in these last four days to insure my potions clean the cover as well. Our pool does look better than the pool we swam in the other day in Murray and it is warmer at 82 degrees. I am getting some extreme exorcise cleaning the pool without any bad after effects other than being sore.
We went to the doctor's this morning at 0830 and mom had her stitches taken out then we ate breakfast and then grocery shopping. We just got home and I am sweating like a dripping faucet. I am cooling as I sit here then I will go into the pool and clean it up and relax in the pool.
We both just got out of the pool for me it was relaxing but for mom it was painful; I was kind of hoping it would do her good; I am not always right.

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