Friday, May 29, 2015

Pill Cocktail

Good morning,
I hear ringing in my ears, mom's TV and the trash pickup over at the bus garage. Being a school area trash pickup is about 3 times a week at the bus garage. 
My eyes are full of matter even though I washed my face with warm water (pollen). Our pool had too much chlorine in it yesterday so I had to replace some of the water yesterday afternoon; I will check it again this morning and if continues to be high I will replace more water.
I feel good mentally and physically; my age keeps me sore but I remember always being sore at Lock and Dam #50. I was always building muscle there. I loved working hard outdoors and near the water. I loved the water at the ocean and the cold streams in the mountains. I am glad we have a pool.
Another opinion about life in the United States in a photo at left. What happens to your body when all these hit bottom. I know I am guilty of taking a stomach pill, a vertigo pill and a old age vitamin pill plus my daily consumption of coffee.
Time to check the pool. The pool is better I may jump in this morning about 10.

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