Thursday, May 28, 2015

Tiger Lily

Good Morning,
Well it is not going to rain today; it is clear outside here at home, the weather service reported wide spread fog but there is no fog here.
It is quiet and peaceful here where I sit and type. Fifteen years ago I was getting ready for work and dealing with whatever came my way during the day. Today I have no such need as I just relax and not worry at all. There are no armies coming over the hill with their swipes of anarchy.
I have been procrastinating in this last month by not doing what I am supposed to do. It is getting close to just being an ass and not doing what I am responsible to do on this planet. I have backed myself into a corner and I cannot seem to want to come out. I certainly wont be gay coming out but I will be free when I do.
Tiger Lily is sleeping right above me to my right and I hear whimpers coming from her. 

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