Thursday, May 7, 2015


Good Morning,
It is 56 degrees here at home outside and 71 degrees inside our home. I feel good mentally and physically. At my grandmothers home in Pasadena my grandmother and grandfather did not drink nor my aunts living in our home. But my two uncles living there did drink and after work would come home quite drunk. My father drank his ale daily but seldom was drunk enough to notice. All the streets around LA you could see the winos around everywhere panhandling for a cheap bottle of wine. When I moved in with my dad he did have some card game smokers at first and those folks got drunk but I did not see that at third street so maybe Margie put an end to those games or maybe it was Tony Stuppy (Gils step father) who put an end to those games. The third street home was Tony's which he rented to my father.
At that time in my life I hated drinking and smoking and vowed not to be that type of human being. I may be mentally cruel but I do not drink or smoke. I flirted with drink in the service and I did the same with smoking but did not smoke very much until I got married. Our home in Marion was without drinking and drugs but we did smoke.
I did not mind at all Marion being a dry county. I grew up with filthy winos laying or sitting drunk on street corners and I did not like that. Things changed when I lived in poverty after I dropped out. Drinking and drugs were not my thing; religious philosophy was where my head was and still is.

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