Sunday, May 3, 2015

My Aunts Kay, Marta and Virginia

Good Morning,
It is 53 outside our home and 69 degrees inside our home. 200 years of thinking forward and openly, we as a nation have moved forward and provided me with a little bit of heaven. I feel good mentally and physically. our flowers and grasses look trim and beautiful.

My cousin Dee called and said my aunt Marta wanted to talk to me on the phone. Of course I did all the talking. I arrived at my mothers home in Pasadena when I was 3 and Marta was 25. On the phone Marta was as nice and nice as she was always was with a great sense of humor. Nothing had changed between us after 60 some years. After all we had lived within the same household for 7 or so years.
A Story About Marta
I just talked to Aunt Marta on the phone. Marta was always fun to be around with her great sense of humor.
A Story about Marta: 65 years ago in Pasadena California my hair was long in a Buster Brown Look which was the rage in those days. I had dimples and looked cute. So one Halloween Marta and her sister Raye dressed me up in a 5 year old Easter Dress mildly painted up my face and put black patent shoes (Mary Jane's) on me with white socks so I looked like Shirley Temple.
We went trick or treating and they told everyone everywhere we went that I was to shy to dress up in a costume. We had fun that night with a lot of great laughs and I filled my bag with treats.
Aunt Marta's sense of Humor.
My aunts Kay, Marta seated and Virginia.

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