Thursday, April 2, 2015

Reset Again

Good Morning,
We had a nice visit from our daughter yesterday. Before she got here I had gotten my old beat up lawn tractor into shape to mow for the first time this year. I cleaned the battery terminals and changed the oil and it fired right up. It does not mow very good but it is suitable for what I have to do. I hire out the weed and tree trimming. I wore the back belt while I mowed and it seemed to help; I normally have an aching back by now after mowing.
Laurel and Allison stayed pretty busy yesterday talking and working. I talked to my wife a few minutes ago and she is sore from the work (good sore as the doctor told her).
It has been raining since I got up  at 0500, it is now 0630; thunder and lightning too, BOOM! FLASH! And a rumble across the sky. It is still dark out.

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  1. glad I got to come. Send me a message with mom's schedule and your schedule for next week. It is the kids' spring break and I want to see when we can come for a couple days