Thursday, January 15, 2015

I cannot do

Good Morning,
I cannot do what my daughter did!
When we got back from our doctor visit for my wife's back surgery I was exhausted. My wife laid down for a nap and I laid down for a nap and I did not hear here when she called because I was sound asleep. She was upset and she decided to do everything on her own.
I doctor said she could do whatever she wanted within reason or common sense.
This morning we are close to back to normal. Laurel is doing much more than what we considered normal but when she sits she is pleased. Tough.
I think every family on the planet earth goes through this at some time in their lives.
Again I will thank everyone for their support. Our daughter is an angel and we did thank her but we could never pay her back if she were a nurse in a hospital. She worked past exhaustion.

Laurel was up until about 30 minutes ago. She is sound asleep now with 3 cats laying about. She spent quite a lot of time on her Kindle Tablet this morning while watching or listening to the TV or movie; plus walking about looking at the snow (very active). (Tea and toast and some time later some treats Eli had sent).
She is getting in and out of bed better.
She moves what she needs to where she wants to be. If I am near then I help.

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  1. I am so glad I was able to come and help. If we were closer, I'd be there more