Friday, January 30, 2015


Good Morning,
32 degrees outside this morning. No snow, no rain, cloudy.
We took our cat Tiger Lilly to the vet to check a lump on her left cheek. The vet cut the cyst and drained it; I went to the vet and picked her up; she is still groggy. She wants to go outside. I think it is too chilly out there plus she will not be available outside if/when it is time for her medication.
Laurel was very active today. she has been home three weeks today. three weeks ago yesterday she had back surgery. She was walking around with out any aid and doing household chores which made her feel very good. She is sleeping now.
She cleaned the table of all the household food stuff I had on the table to make it easy on her to see what available for her to eat. She put all the stuff away and washed off the table.

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