Monday, January 5, 2015

Cold and Windy

Good Morning,
It is very cold outside this morning and windy. I think it is 15 degrees out there. I live in a warm home I pay the utility company and they pipe natural gas to my home. I pay the electric company and with electric wires they provide electricity to my home, I pay the local city water bill and they provide water to our home.
This message is a constant; there are nations on this planet that provide services to the communities across their nations.
When we first moved to this community we rented a home with no heat other than fireplaces and a  potbelly stove. We were told not to use the potbelly stove as it was dangerous as it was; so our first year in this community we burned coal in our fireplace. We asked our landlord to put in a floor furnace and they did. There was 1950 electrical service in the home and old rusty water lines to provide water. We now live in a newer home where the heat is economical. This home is small, practical and economical.

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  1. Good Morning. It sure is nice having a warm house this time of year