Friday, December 19, 2014

Then and Now

Good Morning,
I am happy about cough syrups with expectorants. Our doctor knows that I fill up easily and I need something to clear my lungs. Because of the valve (muscle) that directs air to my lungs and opens to let me eat gets mixed up my lungs fill up with junks and I end up with bronchitis. Laurel ends up with stomach aches but I have to clear my lungs. I can assume it has something to do with Pasadena Smog. The smoggy photo is 1946 and the other is sometime in this era. I lived near the mountians and I could not see them when I lived there. I can assume that the weather is much better today in Pasadena.
I have been up awhile and I am washing the linen and bedroom covers. Enough decay!
I am tired but I still have the kitchen floor to steam clean. My ancle hurts. 
Above photo 1946 (when I lived there) and today below.

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