Saturday, December 20, 2014

Feeling Better

Feeling better, Laurel is 3 days behind me but she is doing better.( I had bronchitis and she has the flu ) I could not tell the difference since we both got it from the same little lady at a Christmas Party.
We both had blinding headache and dry coughing to start, high temperatures and chills. I could not read and we both drank the whole world of soups and teas.
This is my second day of doing chores and the only thing that I am doing is coughing up goop.


  1. glad you are feeling better....hoping tasha will feel better when she wakes up. I woke up feeling draggy and could tell my body was fighting off whatever this gunk is

  2. Hope all of you over there in Western Kentucky get to feeling better VERY SOON!
    Love to all.