Monday, November 10, 2014

Nice Days

Good Morning,
We came home from a Military Memorial at Camp Nelson in Kentucky last night and there was a package on our door. It was a Guitar tuner we ordered last week. After looking at it I decided to put the battery into the tuner. It was a dime type battery and I looked at the guitar tuner to see where it went.  I saw where it went and I realized I needed a magnifying glass, a jewelers set of Phillips screwdrivers and a roll of duck tape to put it in (I did not know I needed the duck tape at the time,but believe me you will need it).
I took the back off the tuner by removing the Phillips black screw. I dropped the screw and it bounced into the rug and  I blurted out an obscenity.
After an over night sleep wondering how to find the screw in the carpet I decided to use our lint roller but I did not have a lint roller so the roll of duct tape did the job this morning with the magnifying glass to inspect the lint on the duct tape.
The easiest way to do it is take it to a jeweler.

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