Sunday, November 16, 2014

Good Morning,
It is pleasant here in Western Kentucky this morning. It is a cloudy or a foggy morning or it could be overcast as in a Autumn Day. I have no clue maybe I could look online and someone could tell me.  Anyway it is nice looking and cool, cold if I had to stay out for a while.
I am warm indoors, I pay a fee/tax for that warmth. Maybe someone could pave the road in front of my home (I paid a tax for that). 
Congress does not want to provide any services anymore. Maybe the Chinese peddler with his oxcart could repave the road in front of my home.

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  1. I heard that because gasoline prices are lower that the state will lose lots of tax money that is used to pave our roads. Notice I said that the gas prices are lower and not that they are low, because low is not what they are.
    Love you, Sandy