Monday, October 27, 2014

Dull Thud

My head feels like a dull thug, my lower lip is numb and my eyes are surrounded by a moan. Blood is flowing to the repairing areas and a hangover sits on my eyebrows. Everything is just okey dokey. my body is fine below the neck and mentally I am in great spirit.
It seems that a few people in the world are born with this "jerrold forrd" dull thud  syndrome. Living normal lives, sometimes missing a step or two, but normal lives. I have four lobes in my brain instead of two. The doctor said most of the jerrold forrd brains had three lobes, but that he would get back to us on that one my brain used 95 percent of it's capacity, which was very very good, but that it worked a little different than most brains. Most people have a train of thought, where as the train carries a great amount of thought to and fro, with a great many trains of thoughts moving though their brains at one time. Well in my brain it seems that I have a trolley of thought. one trolley of thought went down the hill and one trolley of thought went up the hill. And that even though I had as many as fifty trolleys moving at one time, a trolley was not a train.

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