Thursday, October 9, 2014


Good Morning,
I normally do not take drugs other than prescription for my balance and for my stomach. I belch constantly to the annoyance of everyone around me. It does not hurt my ass but everyone says I am a pain in the ass. The drug I am talking now is a drug to kill pain in my tooth. The dentist prescribed it. I talked to the dentist (he was behind me) and he and his aid told me everything I needed to know.
They and I agree to pull everything out of my lower jaw (most are use
less), then maybe add studs to embrace a lower place. I will take a pain pill now as it does work.
It thundered enough last night that our outside male dud ran into the house for protection. It must have been spooky. That cat prefers the outdoors. Our new kitten is not sure yet as to weather to stay outdoors or come into the feeders. She sleeps at my feet whenever she feels at home.
Our daughter brought over some Aster to plant in the yard.

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