Monday, July 14, 2014

Good Habits

Some things I do regularly. I am always concerned about our human rights, the elderly, the elderly and their relationship with their families and equality.
The first thing I do is welcome the day, clean the night out of my body and then look about me. Looking about me concerns family and pets, then the news of the day (paper, Internet and maybe TV).
I do care about us (the government (we the people)) so I look at things that I (at our age ) care about. Most of that is listed to my right on the Tomas Stories n' Links Blog.
There are other places I go online and that are the online newspapers. Maybe I can link some newspapers that are online (either free or with a subscription). I tend to go with free because I am limited in funds.
Other good habits are respecting our elders, opening doors for the aged and women, not littering the planet, being organic as is keeping chemicals at a distance and trying to keep quiet (that one is tough for me). There are other good habits most are found in our preamble and 10 commandments.


Confucius Beliefs
-people should always be kind
-"...return malice with justice, but return kindness with kindness..."
-believed that Confucius was very wise and he always had a clear answer to everything that could be questioned
-believe that humans have a duty to act as guardians of heaven's creation
-family comes before the individual
- strongly emphasizes mercy, social order, fulfillment of responsibilities

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