Monday, March 3, 2014

Sleet at 7AM

Get a shovel and clean in front of your door. Our door was frozen shut with sleet. I had to dig a path for the door to swing open. I had to dig out to take this photo. The streaks are sleet but now as I write we have snow flakes.
I was thinking of getting the snow blower out and snow blow this stuff away. Well I was just out there with my flat shovel and it took all I could do just to break the ice off our stoop; the snow blower would do nothing at all.

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  1. Good morning Dennis. Looks like you got some ice on your lines, trees and bushes. We just got sleet on the ground covered over by snow. Makes the snow feel hard when you walk on it and you don't sink down to the ground because the couple of inches of sleet are frozen and stop you. We probably have about 4 inches on the ground this morning of compacted sleet and snow. That's not bad, but the 7 degree temp right now is too cold to be going outside. The birds are eating the left over cat food for the wild cats outside, so later I will have to go out to give those cats more food. One of these days I'm going to invent a slot, much like a shoot that I can fill the outdoor cat feeders from inside the house. A built in cat feeder in a covered area of the porch. That way I won't have to go out when it is so cold.
    Love your pictures. Stay in and stay safe and warm.