Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Good Morning

Sometimes we forget!
I normally see the day in quiet solitude and reflect on it. The space I occupy on the planet Earth is where I am seated at this present time. This is the prayer to the planet and all it's life. Quiet at peace.
This is the luxury of freedom in the United States of America. I do at presence hear the ringing in my ears that I could not mask at the doctors office.
I do hear the buses move to pick up the kids for school and I hear the bells of a game that Laurel is playing. Those are the sounds I hear in my surroundings. We had planned to visit with my Daughter in Murray today but her daughter is sick at home. 
Maybe a whisper of kindness and smiles and smooth good energy can lift the blossom of pain and suffering.
Yes I see the news on TV.  Yes I talk to the TV. Yes I talk over this Walkie -Talkie. Laurel has a tablet to read her books and brows this blog.
If I walk away from these comforts the winter chill will cool my body and the body will turn to dust and compost the the spring flowers and fruits.
I made a deal with our government. If I work hard for you then you will see that I am comfortable when I reach 70. It was planned and so it is.

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