Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Good Morning; 24 Degrees

It has stopped snowing and it is quiet out before the ice storm; we have been warned. I do not worry about such matters for I am retired. Mom works and she does worry about such matters. If she goes to work today she will not come home because it will be just too dangerous to travel back to Marion. She may be fired for that thought but we keep in mind her safety.
I keep forgetting about my nose bleeds. The last time I got into this situation it took about a year for them to stop recurring.


  1. Tell Laurel to stay home if you are absolutely sure that you will be getting an ice storm today. It's better to be safe than sorry later and I'm sure her boss will understand her absence from work. Winters make traveling hard and treacherous for all of us and for those than can afford to stay home, more power to you. I'd rather see Laurel at home than not ever see her again, the choice is that simple. Love you both!

  2. Sandy, that's almost exactly what I said! We are hunkering down here, too. Hope your nosebleeds go away soon, dad. Is it because it is really dry in your house? Drink plenty of water and run your humidifier