Thursday, February 20, 2014

Going Paperless

As I travel to each chapter and I explain that NARFE has gone paperless and I ask the folks to get a tablet or computer I find that most of the folks I talk too find it annoying to get a computer or tablet or go out of their way to view what our National Headquarters has to say.
At one time Headquarters, The Kentucky Federation of Chapters, The DVP or Chapter Officer sent them something in the mail. Now it is up to each chapter to wait for someone to mail them something, visit them and pass out forms. It is a quick change.
Overall it is expensive for National, The Kentucky Federation, The District DVP or the Chapter to print anything.
Email is the easiest form of communication and after paying to be online it is easy to access anything about NARFE, Western Kentucky District 1 Blog plus the added plus of email. Being online becomes comfortable utility.
I realize that folks get tired of being asked and I have to apologize for my zeal. But I understand the power of the printed press, other than your voice the Internet is the most powerful tool mankind has seen since the atomic bomb.

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