Sunday, December 29, 2013

Tres lindas cubanas

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The song above I have heard many different times with different names but the same melody and rhythm. It is one of my favorites. Apparently their was a Copywrite on the name but not the melody in Cuba in the 1930-40's. My favorite is by Orquesta Aragón (Tres lindas cubanas) with the violins keeping the beat/rhythm and the drums going places we have never been.
If you want to see mom dancing then play this.
I would like to see Murray State Wind Ensemble play this.

Tres Lindas Cubanas: Written by Guitarist and composer Guillermo Castillo Garcia in 1926, "Tres Lindas Cubanas," has been performed throughout the years by such renown Cuban groups as Septeto Habanero, Orquesta Aragón, Orquesta Sensación and performers like Paulina Alvarez, Bebo Valdés, Rubén González, Cachao - you name it, they've probably covered and/or recorded the composition. Pianist, composer and bandleader Antonio María Romeu later in 1926 incorporated a piano solo into the Estribillo (a swinging section which consists of a repeated musical phrase), in his arrangement of Guillermo Castillo's "Tres Lindas Cubanas."  

Tres Lindas Cubanas by Sexteto Habanero  1928


Joseito Fernandez (Guantanamera)

JOSE FELICIANO ~ Guantanamera ~

Benny Moré y Joseito Fernández.La Guantanamera

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