Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Written October 2003

Laurel is a driving force that wants human beings to do things right.
She expects that from others.
She proofreads, she inspects and she scours the earth.
We both grew up in the fifties and we both suffered at the hands of prejudice.
I was self-coconscious about my teeth and looks.
Laurel suffered from a difference in looks; her look was not what was considered normal.
She stood up and fought, I cowered behind shyness.
We were both hard working athletes and we enjoyed that part of our lives.
We grew up thousands of miles apart and only the revolutions of the fifties and sixties brought us together.
So we look at the earth differently than our parents of the fifties.
We blended the perfections of the fifties with the sense of humanity of the sixties.
I learned about perfection from several good sources, but deep in my heart was the loving feeling given to me by my grandmother.
She was the gentle creature and I loved her deeply.
When I met Laurel I realized that people could live differently and be right.
How could I with my opened mind condemn her freedom and her thoughts?
I had to see the world through her eyes.
So we have blended our selves into of marriage of love, ideas and humanity toward others and ourselves.
We are the light; this is in our minds and in the sun.
We are the source of that light.
Our community (the universe) is also the darkness and the light.
What we are seeking we are.
Each of us has a different view of the light and the darkness.
As does the universe, the heavens.
We view the light, we see the light, and we absorb the light mentally and physically.
The tree drops the seed and so does being drop the seed, thus continuing the view of light and darkness.
Some folks have bright children.
Peace is in the light and the darkness.

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