Monday, September 9, 2013

I am still working on the deck. The Garden and CatZilla

I am still working on the deck. Without my POWER WASHER, I have to clean the deck by brush and that is what I am doing this morning.
The weather is just right, hard work but just right. I take a lot of breaks (30-40 minutes at a time) then go out and brush more of the deck. I should have the top boards finished in two weeks (cleaned and sealed).  The rails and steps I can do as I please (as the weather dictates).
I am done on the deck for today.
Mom is off for a couple of days. She is beginning to like these hours. She gets enough work now to make the drive worth while. She is a worker, enjoys working and meeting people.
This will be my last year with a fence around the garden. The fence looks too trashy and hard to keep mowed. I am not a weeder; my dad broke me on weeding, weeding is not on any of my agendas. I will plant a garden and I will share what is left with the deer or I may eat deer.
I saw a note about Mountain Lions being protected and I thought to myself if they are left free then they will come and steal our children. In the South the farmers broke the wolves, bears and mountain lions from coming on farm land; they were immediately shot and killed. There are no bears and wolves in Kentucky. Mountain Lions stay clear of any man in Kentucky; they eat deer but stay away from farm animals.