Friday, August 9, 2013

US 60 Bridge

The other day Mom's Smart Phone quit. So I made plans to go to Paducah and get her phone fixed and while I was there I was to get a few things at Sam's and Pet Smart.
Well I remembered that you could reboot a Smart Phone just like you can reboot a computer and it would replace old software with new (stored) software.  So I asked her for her phone; her screen was just black and you could swipe your hand across it all you wanted and nothing would happen, it was just a brick. Anyway she gave it to me and remembering that I could reboot my Motorola MAXX two ways. One was a normal reboot which replaces software and keeps your stuff there and Two a hard Factory Reboot which makes it like new where you have to do everything all over again.
Since her Smart Phone was a brick what could I lose by rebooting it if I could? 
Remember she gave it to me. 
So I pressed the volume and start buttons together and held them in for maybe 30 seconds and nothing happened and then I see the Bright Red Motorola Logo pop up in the middle of her screen (it was a reboot). I let it reboot and after it rebooted I looked at it and then gave it to mom to examine it. If there was something terribly wrong it would soon come to flower. Nothing happened! Nothing abnormal so far and it has been a few days now since I rebooted her Smart Phone.

Anyway I still went to Paducah.

View from Ledbetter, Kentucky
There are 4 lanes but the guys are still putting up guard rails over there.
That was the reason for this post. I went to Paducah, Kentucky via U.S. Highway 60. I had heard that the New Highway 60 Bridge over the Tennessee River  was ready for traffic and open for business. I went across it and boy was it an improvement over the old bridge. It may not last as long as the old bridge but for now it is a big improvement.
It will take at least another 10 years for the highway to move to the new bridge but that is OK that is how we function in the Old West.

My computer mouse is acting strange (move, freeze, skip and where is it?) so I had better check the batteries. I replaced my batteries and my mouse works much better.

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