Thursday, August 8, 2013

Good Morning

I think I will go outside and sit on the deck, use my fingers and write this blog with my Smart Phone. I hear the school buses moving at the school ( air brakes hissing and squeaking). Did you know that it is very steamy out here on the deck by this glass table. I will go in soon and get dressed, put on my old garden trousers and move my grass clippings into the garden at our foot path and around my peppers and cucumbers.
I also have more grass clippings to pick up later this afternoon.

We have one sun flower that is 11 foot tall.
Mom is out here on the deck with me, I had warmed up her tea pot. We sat for a while and then the sun came up and warmed things up, I guess it will be hot today. Another half hour and I will be out there moving grass clippings.
When I find myself procrastinating I turn on some music, get dressed and do what I have to do.
10:00 AM
I came back in to cool off. I mulched my peppers and cucumbers and our entry into the garden. Now I will mulch my tomatoes then pick up grass clippings and hopefully clean the pool which is only 80 degrees which is an all time low for August.
The mulching is done, now it is time to gather more clippings with my grass catcher. When that is done I will go into the cold/cool pool.
12:00 Noon
I just finished picking up the new clippings with my grass catcher; I will cool off, eat lunch then go into the cold/cool pool.

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