Thursday, June 6, 2013

So I have a tendency to rest and blog

Good Morning,
Like most folks my age, my body does not want to work properly, it sputters from time to time with aches and setbacks but I try to move forward. I work, I play, I do puzzles and mental exorcises. I mentally fight but age sets me back. Yesterday after mowing the lawn on my riding mower my back hurt but I wanted to plant my tomatoes. I moved my bags of soil to where I wanted to dig with my mower (I have to add things to my ground because it is clay); I started to dig and between the digging and the sun my back and body said no more. 
So I have a tendency to rest and blog, create web sites and learn to write. I am not the brightest of bulbs but I am persistent and I mentally fight though I am a hippie at heart.
It hurts when I cannot do what I want but hey there are folks my age that are worse off.
It has not warmed up very much and the pool did reach 80 yesterday but my back kept me from doing anything. I plan to plant tomatoes and swim today.
The ground is very wet and the pool is 79 degrees on the bottom. I will go in within the hour and clean it.

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