Saturday, June 15, 2013

Good Morning,
Some days outside on the deck I post on my Smartphone in a Journal App. If I think about it I email it to me (nice ego). 
I had to replace my system software (Windows 7) on my new laptop as it was getting very slow ;"I'm Waiting?". It worked out grand and it works great now.
I have really done well on the pool by cleaning it every day; several things happen when I clean the pool, one is that I love water, two is that I clean the pool, three it is a great exercise for me and it is very good for mom. 
Mom took the aquarium apart and I cleaned and put some of the stuff away; it will soon be a Terrarium.
I feel good this morning and I was very active yesterday and I did not go out and work the garden as planned. I replaced my software and cleaned dishes and put the aquarium stuff away.

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