Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Good Morning,
I write almost everywhere I go. Lately I have been writing in a Smart phone App (Journal). It works great as I use it outdoors on the deck. I can speak into it or type into it, it dates itself or I can date it. I can also record the sounds of the birds singing outside plus the sounds of everyday life as it happens wherever I am via the smart phones video feature. I have been photographing our plant on the deck as it opens new flowers. I think the flower split in two from it's main stem (that I am not sure of).
I have scrapes of paper with writing on it, Tablets with writing in them scattered about our home pus assorted places online and in hard drives, nothing stable or convenient. 
The writing has no value to me as it is only a release of emotion, a display like the plum of a Peacock. 

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