Monday, June 24, 2013

Good Morning,
I went out early this morning and it was wet outside.  I fed the cats outside and mom fed the cats inside.
 I started to go out again to check the pool and it was raining.
I almost had pneumonia yesterday and I did feel the systems because I had the systems early in life. I had swam early yesterday and the pool was warm 84 and the temperature was 67 outdoors, that is a quick 20 degree change I came indoors and I cooled more as a colder fan blew on my body (persistent body changes). I never gave it a thought until I went swimming later in the day. The air was 87 the pool was 86 and when I came in the house it was 75 and that was too much for my body as I shivered and cooled my body gave in.  I knew what to do and I covered my body in a full winter jacket and covered my legs and just sat and warmed my being.
I guess I will wash my white T shirts today since I have been wearing those white T shirts in the pool and drying them, I have no clue as to which in the laundry basket is clean and dry or dirty and dry.  I will simply wash all my T shirts. Pool clean and laundry clean are two different animals.

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