Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Pool is ready

Good Morning,
That thunderstorm just past over us very quickly. It woke me and I got up at 0400. It has past and I will go out at daylight and see what has moved. everything seems okay in this area of the country.
Something closed my eyes yesterday, I am not sure what it was? Some flying debris small enough to cause me a problem.
After the rain clears I will go back into the pool and clean up any new debris. I did notice some flying dandelion flyer's on top of the pool as I cleaned it yesterday. I will see more of them mixed with the water this afternoon.
Before that I will try to start my power washer.
There is a storm just now hitting us. The signal went out on our satellite dish. and the wind is very strong. There are three bands coming our way. The first just went by.

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