Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Good Morning,
This is a very nice day here is Western Kentucky. My wife follows Jeopardy religiously. She does really well with her answers, quoting my grand daughter when I asked her how she does in running, "I always win!" Well  that pretty well sums up my wife attitude toward the game. She does not always win at home since those folks are pretty smart but she does well on average. 
During the last three months I have been using honey as a breakfast sweetener and I ran out two days ago. The change is dramatic. I know how honey works on my body and I love the idea that my body knows how to put it to good use. It is very expensive and I do get it bulk as local store prices are absurd.
My wife got her stove fixed, it was a general part that all repair shops carry for gas stoves. So mom saved over $1000 dollars by fixing her stove she has had for over 15 years. She paid Sears at least $1500 in 1996 which is 17  years ago.

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