Saturday, April 27, 2013

Good Morning,
It is raining and my outdoor plans are puff, I may scrub the kitchen floor this morning. I do feel very good this morning. I have begun to push away from the table as an exercise that should help me loose some weight. That is mental state of mind.
It is quiet and peaceful here at home in our Hobbit like environment. I may go out and do a chore in the rain with a slicker.

This is an older photo of our Hackberry and rolling hill environment that we live in. This is before the pool and it shows the garden just behind the deck. At the time of the photo deer never came closer than the Hackberry because it was close to us (man). Where the garden is now is off to the side and the deer do not mind going there. So I put up a fence to keep the deer away. The pool and the fence have cluttered up our view.

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