Sunday, April 14, 2013

Good Morning,
I awoke at 2.00 am and decide to watch the news on TV and to my surprise there was none on any channel.At one time in my life not too long ago CNN under Ted Turner was a 24 hour News Station, today it is another conglomerate. CNN on satellite had a special, MS NBC had something about jails, C-SPAN was all about war, C-SPAN 2 was all about books and Fox News was incomprehensible. The only available outlet was the Internet.
I am not sure of the temperature so I should get up and check? It is 50  degrees on the front stoop (North side) and 54 degrees on the back deck (South side).
 I mowed the lawn yesterday and it was wet in places. There was one place I will mow Monday because of the standing water. The spring under our yard is up due to the heavy rain. When the spring falls our yard will dry out. This happens every time it rains.

The big tree is gone, it split in two from the ice storm, the garden spot is now a swimming pool. The spring runs from your right to the garden spot and continues on to the corner of our lot. It flows from right to left. If you find a crawdad hole you can hear the heavy water flow about 3 or 4 foot under the ground. Our yard is a heavy clay which holds up very well over the spring.

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