Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Good Morning,
A good place to be. It is 60 degrees here in Marion and I just heard the trash truck stop out front and removed the trash bags from our containers. Other than that it is very quiet here at home; the kittens did meow for at least some comfort and cat chow. I have my morning cup of coffee nearby and I personally feel good. 
My cousin brought the fact that we live on this planet together (distance is not a  factor); as relatives we respect our being and we our happy to be alive together. Our emotions do move as they should but hardly ever to extremes to hurt each other. We have ideals and they work; our environment is a good one.
This is Betty Arellanes (wife of Danny Arellanes) who were extremely helpful with my genealogy searches. 
They provided a great amount of data for our Family Tree. She is extremely active in genealogy. 
This is an email message from my cousin Dee

"We wanted to let you know that mom passed away this morning. Her episcopal 
priest performed her last rites before she died. She died peacefully. We 
will let everyone know when the memorial service will be. Thanks again 
for all your support. we love you all".

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