Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I Swapped Windows 8 for HP DeskJet 970cse

Good Morning,

I sent my Windows 8 computer back, too many flaws for me to deal with. The Windows 8 operating system is for folks that use their fingers to sweep from place to place like iPad, Surface, smartphones.

Plus it would not see my trusty excellent HP DeskJet 970cse (High Priced) Printer which we paid a lot a money for and it still works great.
I will stick to Windows 7 for now.
I feel good this morning but mom pulled a muscle in her back and if it is like me it will go on forever as different muscles take over the task and hurt themselves doing it (another pull).
Another problem I had is that most of the time when I misspell a word it gets underlined and if I right click my mouse, I get a menu with maybe a solution (correct spelling). In Windows 8 in their Windows 8 browser if I right Click after seeing my word underlined the browser goes to a different menu (Windows 8 Menu) and not any solutions to my spelling problem ($#it).

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