Saturday, March 9, 2013

You want to upgade to a new computer scrape Windows 8 and use Windows 7.

Good Morning,
It is warmer outside at this time than it was a few days ago.
 I remember the closed architect of the early computers and how they lost out to IBM and it's open architect (any operating system within the framework of their computer).
The Windows 8 operating system computers on the shelves of most computer stores are trying to close the doors on open architect or just make it difficult on older software.
The Windows 8 operating system is just a challenge on my pocket book and mind.
 If you are an old computer user just stick with Windows 7 and forget about Windows 8 until all the bugs are taken out. The operating system is fine it is just the Internet has to adjust to Windows 8 or do what I want to do and just scrape Windows 8 and get Windows 7 back on my machine.
Windows 7 is easier and much more compatible with the Internet. A problem that will certainly piss everyone off is the Internets ability to spell check by right clicking your mouse to get the right spelling; well if you do that in Windows 8 you get a menu of older screens which voids the spell check (@#$%it).


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