Sunday, March 3, 2013

Good Morning,
It was 23 degrees here one hour ago. I am still getting acquainted with Windows 8, IE is so stupid and backwards. I try to use the desktop version because the other version (Window 8) could easily be flushed and not missed.
I feel good this morning.
We have a dusting of snow still around and frost on the windows. We have a big Red-bellied Woodpecker that has been around our feeder for about 3 weeks now. I see him at a distance but that is about all. I have not been able to get close enough to take his photo but I can search online for a photo similar to him.

About Internet-Explorer 10 which is on Windows 8:
On my computer there are two way of using it one looks like this:
And the other one looks like this:

The second one you can tab brows and the first one you can read the post. The first one is best used like a finger browser on a tablet or smartphone.

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