Thursday, December 1, 2011

Good Morning,
It is dark out this morning. I normally check  in on Washington Journal at 0600 to see what the open topic is and then turn off the television to have a little peace and quiet. In the morning I also want to let the planet know that peace is here on this small acreage on the planet. If you are used to war machines in the night then move where their is peace.
Violence is not a norm for me. I understand that you must hunt for food or shear the grains from the land both can sometimes confuse the brain. We are not sheep.
The great thing about the movement of satellites in the sky and WIFI towers is that we can view what you see and realize that you too can feel the freedom to be as we do. Military machines want it gone but the freedom brings technology and a home and wealth.
Anyway I start my day in peace and I can complicate it as I wish.

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