Friday, November 11, 2011

Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL) erupts at a constituent

During my time working for the Army Corps of Engineers job positions were filled by veterans preference for labor type jobs. I know that the United States Post Office did the same thing.
Positions that were vacated by retirement or death were filled by 5 or 10 point veterans. So during the end of the Vietnam War we were without our full compliment of employees for about a year or two. Then when the veterans were shipped home and settled we filled the Lock and Dam positions with them.
I can assume that the United States Federal Government did this across the United States.
Since 1980 the Federal Government has been given a bad name so those Congressmen that were born in the 1960-70's had no clue about the government and how it worked. They only knew what Ronald Reagan preached.
So the video above is what happens when the Reagan Propaganda Machine actually works and we get a pure hate of federal employees and regulations.

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