Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Good Vibrations

It is a chilly 38 degrees outside. That is not enough to freeze the water but chilly enough to "shiver me timbers".
I feel good this morning. It is quiet and peaceful here in my home. I do hear the familiar water falling in our aquarium and my constant ringing in my ears whom I assume is the electricity moving through the wires in our home.
Mom went to the doctor and he said she has Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in her right arm plus her arthritis. I think the body has a solution for both Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and arthritis plus the knowledge of our local doctor. A smart human being and a smart doctor should help.
I believe in the human body plus the doctor and some folks believe only in the knowledge of a doctor. I believe that we control what is inside and outside our bodies which differs from what some folks believe which is only a doctor knows for sure.
I believe that our body can do proper house cleaning and some folks think that is foolishness. I know that we can use our brains to cleans our bodies properly without damaging our bodies and some folks think that is foolishness.
I understand the meaning of faith and that is internal, external, mental and spiritual. Good vibes go along way.

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  1. I agree with you about us having our own powers over our bodies to heal ourselves, but sometimes we need a little help from the doctor and his medicines. I think if we feel bad mentally, that we cause ourselves to become sick...so sometimes play acting that we feel fine and hanging around upbeat people makes us feel better, and soon you forget about feeling bad.

    Several people told me that they saw snow yesterday but so far I haven't seen any. I hope it stays on your side of the state for now.

    Love you and I'm glad that you are feeling so chipper this morning. I'm feeling good too!