Saturday, November 26, 2011

Good Morning
It is quiet and peaceful here at home. The only sounds I hear is the water falling in our fish tank (aquarium) and the humming in my ears (listening to head phones too loud).
In the top photo mom found our cat sleeping in an Easter Basket and in the bottom photo dad saw this huge spider behind his chair.
We are now capable of showing photo slide shows via WIFI from my laptop to our HR24  HD DVR then onto the TV screen. The HR24 DVR is plugged into our home network.


  1. If that was a real spider you're in real trouble. I shudder to think of that spider and I hope that it wasn't as large as it appears in the picture.

  2. Mom had a basket full of Beanie Babies and the kids picked the ones they liked and Talon picked the spider in the photo.