Sunday, November 13, 2011

Each Being

This is Sunday Morning and the planet is capable of reading what I write as soon as I click the publish post button.
I will tell the planet that peace is a possible solution because it is courage to be in peace, live in peace and to keep the planet clean. The solutions were created by our forefathers thousands of years ago. We as a child are understanding each nation, each being.
Each being.


What do I want?
Written in the Winter -  January 2001.
The moon looks full with a halo of light around it. The air outside is crisp this morning and the temperature is in the teens.
Frost covers all the windows with its mosaic of frozen moisture.
Today is another day and the bright light shines through these windows.
 I ask myself, What do you want?
And my answer is that I want all the women that I have ever loved to love me and to have a healthy and full life with all their dreams fulfilled. That is not too much to ask.
I want every being on this planet to understand their sum/sun/son and believe that what they believe is the truth.
I want to understand each being and understand what makes them look to the sky.
I want all the folks that love money to make it without creating a war of human behavior to earn it.
Today I make these wishes and I hope that everyone on this planet understands and does well today.

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