Saturday, November 5, 2011

34 degrees and heavy fog.

We have very dense fog this morning. This time of year when the temperatures just change suddenly means dense fog and freezing overpasses and bridges; this happens every year.
Mom is getting ready for work.
I took a photo of our Bald Cypress yesterday because of it's fall colors; in a week or so it will be bare of leaves. It's leaves are like feathers made of soft needles. It is deciduous and I planted it in our wettest area.
Do you see the mound it is on; that is a man made hill (I made it to plant a tree; this is our second tree on that spot). The hill is where I want our yard to be (elevation); the contractor took our land over to the hospital ; our neighborhood topsoil was scraped away and loaded on a dump truck to be used as fill for the hospital area when it was being built. Most of the homes in our subdivision are built on clay subsoil. Just maybe 4 or 5 homes out of 20 have good natural top soil. I have been building that mound out toward our home. If you take a string and place it at the top of that mound and pull it tight as you go to our homes foundation, that is where our land and garden should be. There is danger in bringing a truck into our yard full of soil, it will sink because of the spring under the clay. So moving soil has to be done with a back hoe or a smaller garden tractor.

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