Thursday, October 13, 2011

It is hard to keep up with the times.

Mom said our water was off last night and it stormed really hard too. I can assume that the city switched to the new water line they have been burying in the city streets; I think that they tried to flush the line out during the storm then sent us brown water this morning. I saw no notice to boil the water in the newspaper this morning. I can assume that there will be some notice on the radio later today after the city gets 100 calls from it's citizens.

The city of Marion has a website and should have a blog so that our City Mayor or City Administrator can update us on city business. A facebook page may work wonders too and a blog could be updated as well.
Maybe in the future? The city was quick to have a new building with new technology but forgot how to stand on a soapbox and tell me, "Everything is fine just boil the water!"

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  1. Was your water really brown or cloudy looking? I just wouldn't even drink it even if it was boiled.

    your sister Sandy