Sunday, October 2, 2011

I spent the day yesterday at the Crittenden County Pumpkin Festival. I was at the MAZE, I did not help much other than talk to folks and laugh and have fun. We made a mess and had fun and the kids were in 7th heaven as they went through the MAZE. Children and parents just laughed and had fun.
It is peaceful here this morning at our home. It is still dark out.
As it weather cools the mice will be wanting warmer homes and ours is perfect; our cats are on the lookout for mice trying to come in.
Mom bought us a new Venetian blinds for the front window, our cats had customized our old Venetian blinds and I had replaced/moved the slats so many times that I finally ran out of slats.
Mom also bought me a new shop vac hose. I had used the old one as an emergency repair on our pool pump.

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