Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I hope your day is comfortable and secure.

Who declares war on a country and ends up leaving our children without limbs. Does he care. I never condoned such stupidity. Those boys were our best; they were selected from the creme of the crop to serve in our military and it was shear stupidity to put them in harms way. All that was needed was to maintain the covered air control to keep them in line. I thought about this yesterday when I saw President Obama giving a soldiers a Purple Heart; the man had lost both legs and the tips of both hands. Who ever thought that putting these men on the ground was safe? We did not put men in the battle fields in Japan and there was a reason for doing so.
Japan paid a terrible price for their stupidity and so have we for putting our young in harms way.
It burns me to tears knowing that George Walker Bush did this with a smirk on his face.
Anyway it is peaceful here in this area of the planet earth; a man would have to deliberately come here to cause any chaos.
I am a peaceful human inhabitant of the planet earth; I tend to my portion of the Garden of Eden keeping it clean and free of chemicals that would hurt the soil and air.
Mom and I went to Paducah where mom had some oral surgery (removed a tooth). It was done quickly; mom is in bed this morning recovering from pain involved. She seemed fine last night but was under the influence of drugs from the doctor.
I am drinking a cup of coffee (one cup regular and what ever I want after without caffeine) at this moment in time.
I hope you day is as comfortable as mine. I make it so because I can and will.

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  1. I think as soon as President Obama went into office he should have ended the wars and brought the young people home. They're his wars now no matter who started them, because he promised he would end them before he was elected. You can also thank better medicine for live de-limbed soldiers.